Penthouse – Panorama View ‎

Welcome to Penthouse – Panorama View

A unit where it is possible (and desirable) to breathe!‎

Observe the landscape spread out spectacularly in front of you: ‎

The Kinneret, the Golan, Mount Tabor and Nahal Amud.‎

On good days, the University building in Haifa stands out from the west.‎

The spacious unit includes two bedrooms and a double shower with two sinks and two large shower heads.‎

A spectacular Jacuzzi is located in the center of the living room and the view … there is so much view to see.

Information and Prices:
Suitable for religious guests – there is a synagogue nearby and we will gladly provide you with a ‎hot plate and hot water heater.‎

Refreshments: Several varieties of tea, a bottle of wine, chocolate, a coffee machine with various ‎flavored coffee capsules, homemade granola and yogurt, cornflakes and milk, homemade jam and ‎salted crackers, health cookies, popcorn and dried fruits.‎

Check in: Weekdays after 14:00, Saturdays after 15:30‎
Check out: Weekdays by 11:00, Saturdays by 14:00‎

You can order massage treatments in the cabin at a time that suits you.


Midweek: 950 NIS per night (Except during the months of July and August and on religious holidays ‎when weekend prices apply)‎
For reservations of two nights or more: 850 NIS per night.‎

Weekends: 1,200 NIS per night (minimum 2 nights)‎

‎1,300 NIS per night for last minute one-night bookings